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Miranda Kazakevich

Protecting Your Business from Business Identity Theft

Is your business at risk of identity theft? While personal identity theft garners the majority of the national headlines, there is another dangerous form of identity theft that business owners must work diligently to prevent: Business identity theft. This type of crime involves the theft or impersonation of a business’s identity, often with dire consequences […]

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Kandice Bell

Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make

Protect Your Business by Avoiding Five Common Mistakes Mistake #1: Misunderstanding the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Many entrepreneurs outsource to freelancers or independent contractors to get work done. As a small or mid-sized business, there may be many circumstances where utilizing an independent contractor might seem like a better idea than […]

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Stacy Flaming

Improve Your Cash Flow, Improve Your Business

Five Signs of Stress and Five Ways to Improve your Cash Flow If income is the purpose of business, cash-flow is the lifeblood. Without cash, you can’t pay your bills, pay employees or buy inventory or materials. If you can’t pay your bills, it doesn’t matter how much money you are making on paper; your […]

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Barbara Lemmer

It is Time to Outsource your Accounting?

5 Steps to Improve your Financials from a Problem to an Advantage Precise and current financial information can be an effective resource for developing businesses. Having accurate financial information allows business owners to be able to obtain resources, grow profitability and make better strategic decisions. However, even though financial information can bring a business owner […]

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Matthew E. DePretis

Making the C-Corp vs S-Corp Decision

One of the top priorities of every business is to create value for its shareholders. This holds true whether the business has one shareholder or 100 shareholders. Both the corporate structure and tax designation of a business can affect many areas that drive shareholder value, including the ability to raise capital, the ability to structure […]

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