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Thompson & DePretis is now DePretis CPAs

Matthew E. DePretis

AugustĀ 10, 2014:

Thompson & DePretis has a new name! As a part of our process of re-focusing our efforts to better serve growing businesses and owners in the Bay Area, our firm has re-branded itself as DePretis CPAs. We are excited to continue to serve you under our new name. While our name is changing, some things will remain the same.

What won’t change:

  1. You will continue to be served by the same team you have come to trust
  2. Our commitment to service and your success remain the same
  3. We are still working from the same office, serving the same community

What will change:

  1. The name on our mail
  2. We have a new website!
  3. We are launching a client communication program to keep you informed of opportunities and changes
  4. We are dedicating ourselves again to delivering the services that empower our clients’ success